EU Prize for Women Innovators 2019: Apply Now!


We have great women who have built successful startups in Turkey and also in the world. But we want it to be more, we want women create greater startups so the statistics like “only 17% of entrepreneurs are women in the world” can change. Accelerators and corporates actually should be the main supporters of women entrepreneurs and every woman who is trying to start a startup. So women entrepreneurs can succeed more and empower other women and girls to become game changers, innovators, entrepreneurs…

Thanks to EU, they have a funding program for women innovators, entrepreneurs and they do it every year. Women who have found their own enterprises and brought innovation to market can apply to EU Prize. You also should be living one of the EU countries or countries associated to Horizon 2020.

4 women entrepreneurs will be rewarded in total. The prize is cash: 3 prizes of €100,000 for each winner and Rising Innovator prize (35 or younger) is €50,000. There is an application guide on the website. You should check it out because it will be helpful when applying.

Last date for application is January 16th. Do not miss!

For further information and to apply: