10 great startups graduated from Workup by Isbank with Demo Day

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We recently mentioned Workup by Isbank program twice in our blog. We see Workup as one of the most prominent work we have done in last 2 years as we mentioned in our Best of 2018 by Hackquarters blog and also we did let our followers know that you can still apply for upcoming batches of Workup. As Hackquarters we love working with Isbank because they are one of the most innovative companies in Turkey, regarding startup engagement.

Workup is an acceleration program which is open to all startups from early stage to seed-funded startups. As you can get from the name, the main supporter of the program is Isbank, while Hackquarters is responsible for the content of the program and overall management, with the valuable help of Kolektif House. Last Friday, Workup got 10 new graduates from the program with Demo Day.

10 startups were deemed successful enough to graduate from the program including Animega, compocket, doktorderki, Epiqur, Hangi Üniversite Hangi Bölüm, Her yerde pilates, leadonly, onboardio, startupHR and Userguiding.

Probably the most famous technology and innovation columnist in Turkey, Serdar Kuzuloğlu, aka Chief of Turkish Internet Gang, was the host of Demo Day. After his opening speech, we got a little quiz (thanks to Poltio). Then, Isbank CEO, Adnan Bali was on stage talking about their vision for the future with startups and innovation that they provide. After Adnan Bali, lead mentor of Workup by Isbank, Omer Erkmen was on stage with his speech. Our partner for the program, CEO of Kolektif House, Ahmet Onur took over stage talking about their collaboration with Isbank and Hackquarters. And finally, CEO of Hackquarters, Kaan Akın has taken over the stage with huge applause from startups and audience, as mentioned by Serdar Kuzuloğlu. Kaan thanked everyone involved in the program and talked about the success that we helped achieve.

After opening speeches by people mentioned above, finally, startups took over the whole show with their great presentations. Each startup landed on the stage with a song of their choosing and with great applause from the audience, then they each performed a 5 min long presentation for what they are doing.

Here are 10 graduates from Workup by Isbank program;

Animega is a content platform for anime shows and manga available all around the world on mobile. Animega is a freemium content platform that brings together different types of anime content.

Compocket wants to create a world where everyone can learn and practice electronics easily to create tomorrow’s technology. It is not possible with today’s old, heavy and expensive electronics measurement devices. To solve this problem, Compocket created high tech devices for students, makers and technical services which are pocket sized and mobile based with a simple interface. It also gives its users the freedom to personalize their devices with add-ons according to their own interests. The first product Minis: World’s Smallest Oscilloscope now has pre-orders and today the beta product is being used by different people around the world.

Doktorderki is a mobile platform that provides true health consciousness via one to one messaging with specialists.

Epiqur is a live streaming platform designed for music performances specifically, in our terms a Digital Music Hall. Epiqur developed a hardware called “Epiqur Gear” that enables to live stream audio in High-quality. Receiving the video through the Epiqur App, two channels are merged on servers then streamed fully synchronised. The platform simultaneously records the performances and store them as an on-demand content.

Hangi Üniversite Hangi Bölüm guides students in Turkey on their path to college by providing them insights from students studying in specific universities. is Turkey’s first online Pilates studio. Many people are unable to attend Pilates classes due to lack of easy access to studios, schedule conflicts, and high costs. is developed to offer high quality, online Pilates classes for everyone with a monthly subscription fee less than one “group mat Pilates” class.

Leadonly creates digital patient acquisition funnels and improve their performances constantly by tracking them from one end to the other. Our aim is to provide maximum amount of sales for our customers with the lowest costs.

Onboardio is a pre-chat customer engagement tool, which instantly resolves most frequent questions for live chat using businesses.

StartupHR is a digital platform that allows you to join the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the future and work in startups, find partners, expand your team and grow your startup.

Userguiding help companies to improve product adoption by designing interactive guides and result-oriented walkthroughs without coding.

You can still apply for new batch of Workup by Isbank


One of Hackquarters’ main partners is İş Bankası (Isbank) of Turkey, for our collaboration on Workup by Isbank project. Workup is an acceleration program which is open to all startups from early stage to seed-funded startups. As you can get from the name, the main supporter of the program is Isbank, while Hackquarters is responsible for the content of the program and overall management, with the valuable help of Kolektif House.

Workup by Isbank provides countless opportunities for accepted startups, such as mentoring and technical consulting support for business idea development, lean entrepreneurial methods, research and customer development, team building and management, law, finance and accounting, marketing and presentation techniques, sales and marketing training to your technology-driven startup.

Last 2 years, we had more than 40 startups accepted to the program. Our 3rd batch is almost done, with 13 startups are getting ready for the upcoming demo day for their graduation. And the most exciting part is that we are ready for the next batch of startups!

After the demo day, we will start the selection process of the 4th batch. So if you are interested in countless opportunities that Workup by Isbank can provide for your startup, you can always visit the website and apply. Applications for the program is always open, but you need to apply soon, to be considered for the next batch.

You can visit Workup webpage to get much more info.

Grants4Apps Turkey entrepreneurs presented their progress to Bayer Türk professionals


As most of our followers on social media are aware, we are running an accelerator program with Bayer Türk, called Grants4Apps Turkey, for more than 3 months. Bayer Türk professionals and Hackquarters team chose 6 startups for Grants4Apps Turkey, including Yubi, Tion, Digime3D, Vivoo, Pons and PatiBuddy. Bayer Grants4Apps is a global program that offers support to startups and companies that are developing innovative solutions in health and care.

We were working closely with those 6 startups and we provided mentorship, one on one sessions, even helped them pivot for the better. As our program is (at least physically) over, our beloved startups presented their startups and their progress to Bayer Türk professionals, including Bayer Türk CEO Hubert Braun.

You can find their photos, presenting to Bayer Türk audience below;

In November, Grants4Apps Turkey entrepreneurs will have a public demo day, in front of professionals from related areas and press members. Meanwhile, they will hopefully continue their progress with valuable help from Bayer Türk professionals, Hackquarters team and our mentors.

G4A Accelerator 4 Haziran’a, G4A Dealmaker 8 Temmuz’a kadar başvurulara açık!


Güncelleme: G4A Accelerator başvuruları, 4 Haziran’a kadar devam ediyor!

Web sitemizi ya da sosyal medya hesaplarımızı takip eden dostlarımız, Bayer ile birlikte sürdürdüğümüz Grants4Apps Turkey programından zaten haberdarlar. Bizleri çok heyecanlandıran Grants4Apps programı ile ilgili gelişmeleri özellikle sosyal medya hesaplarımızdan haftalık olarak sizlere duyurmaya çalışıyoruz. Bu sefer G4A’den bahsetmemizin sebebi ise, programın küresel ayağına başvurma şansınızın devam ettiğini hatırlatmak.

Bayer’in sağlık alanındaki teknoloji girişimlerini ve girişimcilik ekosistemini desteklemek amacıyla yürüttüğü küresel program G4A Global Accelerator’ın başvuruları 4 Haziran’a kadar devam ediyor. Bayer ile potansiyel iş birliği fırsatı sunan G4A Global Dealmaker’ın başvuruları ise 8 Temmuz’da sona eriyor.

Grants4Apps Global Accelerator 2018’e dünyanın her yerinden, sağlık sektörü çalışanlarına ve/veya hastalara fayda sağlayacak teknoloji, bilişim ve iş modeli çözümleri sunan, 18 yaşından büyük herkes birden fazla projeyle başvurabilir. Grants4Apps Global Accelerator Dijital Terapi, Ar&Ge için Yapay Zeka, Sanal Deneme Çözümleri, Doktor Hasta İlişkisi Çözümleri, Kalp Hastalıklarını Önleme, Kadın Sağlığı, Nörolojik İyileşme Çözümleri ve sağlık alanında Blockchain teknolojisi konularına odaklanan girişimcilerin başvurularını 31 Mayıs’a kadar bekliyor. Bayer, kazanan her girişime Berlin’de 100 gün boyunca bir çalışma alanı, mentorluk ve 50 bin Avro sunacak.

G4A Accelerator ve G4A Dealmaker ile ilgili daha fazla bilgi almak için buraya tıklayarak progamların web sitesine ulaşabilirsiniz.