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Hackquarters helps entrepreneurs by partnering your startup with leading companies, including your startup to our programs or investing in your project.

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Acceleration Programs

Hackquarters is the go-to partner for corporations who would like to work with promising startups. We organize acceleration programs such as G4A by Bayer or Workup by Isbank.

Our acceleration programs vary from 3 months to 12 months, usually. In our acceleration programs, you will get "full service" from not only the Hackquarters Team but also our vast network of mentors on everything you need.

We announce our upcoming acceleration programs to startups in our network first and we also refer our friends to corporations directly as they need. You can join our network to get invited to our exclusive programs and events.

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Startup Challenges

Usually, Startup Challenges are the entry point for corporatiıons into the Startup Ecosystem. Those programs are usually 1-day events, with application and selection process beforehand. In the past, we organized startup challenges for well-known brands such as PepsiCo, MediaMarkt, and AkSigorta.

In our Startup Challenges, corporations provide us with a problem (or more) that needs a solution with the help of startups. We invite our friends to take part in those challenges and corporations are more than willing to keep working with those startups after our event.

By joining our Startups List, you can be the first to know about those challenges, and if you provide us with details, we can directly invite you to our events.

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Startup Events

As Hackquarters, we do not limit our organizations by solid borders. We try to do our best to help the startup ecosystem and companies who are willing to take a step inside. In 2018 we organized Take Off International Startup Summit, the biggest free startup event of the world, inside TeknoFest. We hosted more than 200 global startups in Istanbul and provided them the chance to present their projects to a great audience of investors, VCs, and corporations.

Each year, we invite lots of startups from various different verticals to our events, personally, where we see fit. If you would like to be a part of our family, you can join our network of great startups.

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Why would you choose us?

Hackquarters provides tailor-made programs to help corporations prepare for the era of innovation with expertise gained by leading the startup community. We provide know-how and resources to grow your talent and business.

  • Corporate

    Hackquarters helps corporates to visualise their innovative ideas into real and applicable innovative solutions.

  • Startups

    Hackquarters helps entrepreneurs by partnering your startup with leading companies, byincluding your startup to our programs or investing in your project.

  • Pioneers

    Hackquarters Pioneers are handpicked talent from various universities and high school students.

Our Mentors

We have more than 150 mentors in our network and each of them are experts in their field.

Alper Alkan

FA Senior Manager & Board Member @ Deloitte

Bishal Dhakal

Founder @ Health at Home

Serkan Karateke

Delivery Project Executive @ IBM

Buğra Kaan Ayaz

Founder & CEO @ Direcon

Evren Gulyasar

Business Development Lead @ Geometry Global

Göksemin Gökalp Özdemir

Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Consultant @ G2O

Meric Bicakcioglu

Operating Advisor @ Technolera

Sarp Uzer

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Expert @ DDM

Berkay Yavuz

Head Of Marketing @ Scotty

Hamza Aytaç

Chief Creative Officer @ Octabase

Hackquarters Perks for our Startups

Thanks to our global partners, we offer great support to our startups.

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Aksigorta Startup Challenge provided a chance to meet with very bright and talented young entrepreneurs, endeavoring to develop their start-up-projects. Our topics were digital health and insurtech along with digital technologies. We were very surprised and pleased with the outcome, had hard time to pick up the finalists with innovative and disruptive insurtech ideas and applications. The demo day was very productive as well. The startups made their presentations; exchanging their fresh, out-of-the box ideas with audiences, had the chance to network and meet with the insurance professionals from Aksigorta. We are still in contact with them for possible partnership models and following their progress, thanks to our business partner Hackquarters that makes this happen.

Derya Atakan Deyirmenci

Digital Lead, Aksigorta

Hackquarters played a pivotal role in HERE’s developer outreach activities as they helped us organize our 8000+ employee company’s very first external hackathon in Istanbul! Their altruistic mindset to enable the whole ecosystem is contagious!

Melodi Kaya

Community Lead, HERE

Engaging with Startups is like getting lost in an ocean. Hackquarters is working as a compass for us during this journey. Their expertise and experience enable us to communicate with the right players in startup ecosystem and bring us one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Gökay Kılıç

IT Innovation Consultant, Bayer

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