We are the early adopters of new things, either if its a technology, a service or anything that disrupts the current order of the era. We see cool things becoming cool before anyone else does.


We are aware that there are apples waiting for us to grab. For that we work hard, even when others think that there is nothing left to grind. We believe in our work and we make others believe that this is real deal.


We have our own ways of doing things. Together we can achieve what everyone sees as impossible. Through our different approach to problems, we not only solve them, but also make sure that it does not repeat.

Hackquarters Pioneers is created to do three things for you….

  • ….to give you the opportunity to meet outstanding people and engage with the rockstar startup in the eco-system

  • ….to support you in terms of internship and career, providing access to the startups  and programs in the eco-system

  • ….to lean how you can practically contribute to the startup eco-system and your dreams and making a real impact for entrepreneurs



New to innovation, startups and all other crazy world! You can read, watch, participate and grow yourself!



Working with startups, on projects and crazy to deliver! One day they will be a part of world changing startups!



Started a great startup, in charge of an organisation, looking for more alpha and betas to increase the impact!

Pioneers program is dedicated for highschool and university students, who desires to be founders or the team of next generation startups. In this program you’ll meet, learn and do with successful founders.

Every year, we graduate 100 Pioneers and get 100 new Pioneers.

Together, we are creating startups of future!

Hackquarters helps corporates to visualize their innovative ideas into real and applicable innovative solutions. Our Corporate Innovation Program is tailored to boost your industry towards innovation and digital transformation

Accessing and supporting the cool startups today, you invest in the future.

As a Startup Accelerator and Corporate Innovation partner in Istanbul, Hackquarters provides access to global startup ecosystem in multiple sectors such as Fintech, IoT, Travel, Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, Sales & Marketing and many more.

Everyone needs to innovate in order to survive

Our Corporate Innovation Partners

What our friends say about Hackquarters

Every entrepreneur dreams of the opportunity to join an environment, where every idea is listened to. Thanks to Pioneers program, more than hundred young entrepreneurs are working with great people in a perfect setting for them. Pioneers is reaching more and more people each day and helps growth of startup ecosystem.

Metin Yildiz
Metin YildizHackquarters Pioneers, Beta Member

Meet Our Team

Kaan Akın

Kaan Akın

Namık Kural

Namık Kural

Private Investor
Sabina Babayeva

Sabina Babayeva

Program Director
Aylin Bahar

Aylin Bahar

Partnership Director
Zeynep Ofluoğlu

Zeynep Ofluoğlu

Social Media Specialist
Gökhan Menge

Gökhan Menge

Marketing Engineer