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Hackquarters Pioneers is a growing community from university and high school students thriving for entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology.

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Hackquarters provide countless opportunities for Pioneers, such as internships, personal development, and startup jobs! Learn more


Hackquarters provides great mentorship to our Pioneers, thanks to our great network of mentors we built up working with startups.

In Hackquarters Pioneers you will have access to our great team, capacity, and disruptive technologies. It’s not only our knowledge that we will be sharing, but people who see far beyond today.

How To Startup

As an important player in the startup world, Hackquarters aims to inject more talent into the ecosystem. That's why we not only educate youngsters for business and personal development but also we give them tools that they need to become an entrepreneur.

Even before our Pioneers graduate from our system, we help them find jobs in startups. Hackquarters refers them to fellow startups as interns, full-time employees or we even match them with co-founders.


Hackquarters has great connections within startup ecosystem and corporations. While we organize a lot of workshops for our entrepreneurs, our corporate partners are also more than willing to meet with our Pioneers and provide them with valuable experience.

Our offline events are open to all our Pioneers and we try to organize events in various locations. But if you can not attend to our workshops or other events, we usually record and publish them on our online channels, so that all Pioneers can benefit.

Our Peer Groups

Even if we do not have boundaries, our Pioneers divide into 3 main groups.


We have our own ways of doing things. Together we can achieve what everyone sees as impossible. Through our different approach to problems, we not only solve them, but also make sure that it does not repeat.

Our hackers are mostly developers, coders or... hackers.


We are the early adopters of new things, either if its a technology, a service or anything that disrupts the current order of the era. We see cool things becoming cool before anyone else does.

Our hipsters are mostly designers, frontend developers or UX/UI enthusiasts.


We are aware that there are apples waiting for us to grab. For that we work hard, even when others think that there is nothing left to grind. We believe in our work and we make others believe that this is real deal.

Our hustlers are mostly Pioneers who want to be in business or marketing side.

Meet The Pioneers

Berke Uygun

Co-Founder, doktorderki

Sertaç Taşdelen

Founder, Faladdin & Binnaz

Volkan Kırtok

Founder, Neytiv

Emrah Yiğit

Co-Founder, Pepapp

Berkay Yavuz

Scotty, Head of Marketing

Zeynep Sefer

Galatasaray University

Beyza Mollaismailoğlu

Beykent University

Okan Agur

Beykent University

Melis Turgul

İstanbul University

Gamze Güleç

Marmara University

Bilge Atan

Marmara University

Büşra Adıgüzel

Galatasaray University

Saliha Ayaz

İstanbul University

Selen Demir

Antalya Bilim University

Karahan Bedel

İstanbul University

Pioneers grow together

We have various different events throughout each year. Here are some examples.

Customer Development Course by Kaan Akın

Our workshops are also published online for Pioneers.

#HackCon 1

Our first HackCon from 2017.

Hacker Meetup 4: Product Development

Experienced mentors get together with our Pioneers on meetups.

What about Hackquarters Pioneers yearly program flow?

While Hackquarters talk the talk, we also help our Pioneers walk the walk.

We help you grow wisely
The way of the Entrepreneur

Every year, we graduate 100 Pioneers and get 100 new Pioneers onboard. Graduated Pioneers does not leave the family, and our cycle goes on!

Join our family

Hackquarters Pioneers in Numbers

An old proverb says "There is safety in numbers"








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Pioneers 2019


Meetups in 8 cities

We always love to hear from our Pioneers.

Quotes From Pioneers

Entrepreneurship is a hard process. Even on the first step, so many things are expected from you. Thanks to Pioneers program, you can find hundreds of young people who have same aim with you. Brainstorming with them makes you feel that you are not alone and you can achieve anything if you really work with them. Because of that I feel thankful to Pioneers.

Aleyna Özyaman

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

Being an entrepreneur has always been our dream. We are trying to reach our dreams with Pioneers. But the most important thing is: We are learning how to survive in this ecosystem.

Sena Kahraman

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

All of us have talents that we can not notice by ourselves. We need suitable people and appropriate environment to reveal these talents. It is great to be in Pioneers program that can unveil our true potential and feed our entrepreneurial spirit.

Emre Gabakçı

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

Already 6 months have passed since I joined Pioneers and when I look back, I can say that I am not the same person who attended the first HackCon. Hackquarters is like a family because Hackquarters Pioneers program completes missing pieces of our own puzzle when we need it.

Burak Onay

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

Hackquarters Pioneers is a big family that prepares passionate young people from Turkey to the world ecosystem. Hackquarters is preparing us for the future in the best way possible.

Göktürk Sığırtmaç

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

I’ve joined Hackquarters Pioneers to gain knowledge about entrepreneurship and to improve myself but it is actually more than that. It is a program which you can improve yourself according to your interest and create ideas with meeting new people who have common point of views as you. At the same time, Pioneers program supports you with internship opportunities and help you gain practical knowledge instead of theory. There are mentors which have different experiences and already built a startup who can grant you valuable experience. I’ve been improving since I’ve joined Pioneers. It is a huge chance to be in this family.

İdil Yüksektepe

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

I want to be an entrepreneur more than ever because of the Pioneers program. I was involved about 5 months ago. It gives me courage to know in advance the challenges I will face and to learn entrepreneurship in every detail. The Pioneer program is an opportunity that must be had before becoming an entrepreneur.

Tuçe Akpınar

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

Every entrepreneur dreams of the opportunity to join an environment, where every idea is listened to. Thanks to Pioneers program, more than hundred young entrepreneurs are working with great people in a perfect setting for them. Pioneers is reaching more and more people each day and helps growth of startup ecosystem.

Metin Yildiz

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

Hackquarters pioneers program helps you to find a network for the people who want to make a great career path in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and for you to discover yourself. In my way to find the real potential of myself Hackquarters inspired me. I strongly suggest to be a part of this family which is getting bigger day by day.

Mahişeker Polat

Hackquarters Pioneers, Beta

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