How to write great blogs: How to get attention with the title

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When you create any kind of content, the most common way to get people to read or watch is to write an engaging title and choosing the right image for your content. For example in social media, your followers or people you are relatively related can only see the title of the content, thumbnail image, and a short excerpt. We can say that your greatest chance to get views and attention for your content may be the time (probably just a few seconds) between those posts above and below.

There are a few tricks that call for attention easily and the best thing is that when you create your content according to your well-thought title and image, you will get people to read your content while avoiding to creating a clickbait impression.

If you clickbait people to your content and can not answer their expectations, you will not get a second visit from that visitor. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Rather than writing a wrong title to get people to your content, write an engaging title that your audience may be interested in and then shape your content.

There are some keywords that you may focus on easy attention. As we talked about wearable technology in earlier post, I will use that as an example. People read content that adds value to them or teaches them something they don’t know about. “How to choose the right wearable technology device” is a good title that engages people who are interested in buying these new “things”. The real keywords here are “how to”. People get the message that there are new, clear directions to learn something new in that content.

Another formula to write a title is to include numbers. “8 genius wearable technologies” is a great title to get attention. When I was working in PC World Turkey magazine, our main focus in cover was the number. Years have passed, and nothing has changed in that concept. You can still see most of magazines with a title including a number (or count) in their cover. The main cover topic was usually something with a number in the title like “10 software to make your everyday life easier” or “7 MSN Messenger tricks you should know”. (Yeah, there was a thing called MSN Messenger when I was working for PC World.) And the thing is, our issues with a number of the main title sold more than the ones with a normal title. You can still see the effects of that strategy in websites such az Buzzfeed, or ListeList and Onedio in Turkey.

You cant write your title always with a formula to use “how-to” or numbers. Where those two are not applicable or you have written so many articles recently with that formula, you need to be more creative. But keep in mind, it is not always about getting clicks to your content. It is about getting “right” clicks. So, please don’t be that clickbait guy in major news websites. And don’t be afraid to write keypoint of the article in title, if needed.

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