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How can you make a young startup fall for your corporation?

As a corporate, you probably wish that there was a “Tinder for corporations”, so...

18 February 2019

More than 40 great startups from T3 Entrepreneurship Center

On February 2nd, we were at T3 Entrepreneurship Center pitch day, which was held...

14 February 2019

multi-national company vs startups

Can corporations innovate like startups?

We are mostly giving bits of advice to startups in our blog, thanks to...

9 January 2019


e-Residency for Startups & entrepreneurs: Am I to be an Estonian from now on?

If you are reading this blog, I can easly assume that you are already...

6 January 2019

Take Off Istanbul Startup Summit: Great Startups and Great Panels

Take Off Istanbul Startup Summit was the biggest free startup festival in the world....

25 September 2018

5 Must-Have Applications and Services For Startups

Start-ups and small businesses often maintain a group of less than 10 people to...

24 September 2018

You can track changes on any website with Obserwise by Datapare

Datapare is one of the services that we love, and also one of the...

12 September 2018

Hackquarters Pioneers’ta Girişimci Olmak

Her gün birçok insan “Girişimci olmak nedir, nasıl olunur?” vb sorulara cevap arıyorlar. Öncelikle...

1 May 2018

Aksigorta Startup Challenge’da sigorta teknolojisi girişimleri yarıştı

Aksigorta tarafından Hackquarters desteği ile düzenlenen Aksigorta Startup Challenge’da Insurtech, dijital sağlık ve teknoloji...

31 January 2018