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Take Off DAY 2 Corporate Partnership Image

Take Off Day #2 – Corporate Partnerships

Day 2 left behind with corporate presentations. More than 30 companies, organizations, and accelerators...

18 September 2019

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019: Here are the selected startups

We are very excited as the process for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019 is coming...

21 June 2019

Startup Spotlight #10: BuyBuddy

As Hackquarters, we have reached out to thousands of startups combined through our various...

3 June 2019

RetailTech startups! Are you ready for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge?

If you have been following Hackquarters for more than a year now, you probably...

29 April 2019

MediaMarkt, Startup Challenge ile perakendeyi bilen girişimciler arıyor

MediaMarkt Türkiye, MediaMarkt Startup Challenge adını verdiği proje ile perakende alanında süreçlerini iyileştirebilecek girişimler arıyor.  Hackquarters...

6 April 2018