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MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Winners

Meet Our MediaMarkt StartupChallenge Winners

Here are the winners of the 2019 MediaMarkt StartupChallenge from more than 100 applications in which 35 of them are from abroad.

25 June 2019

Mediamarkt Startup Challenge 2019

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2019: Here are the Selected Startups

We finally selected the startups for Mediamarkt Startup Challenge 2019 to present their ideas to many professionals.

21 June 2019

Buybuddy Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #10: BuyBuddy

With BuyBuddy, retail stores around the world get the chance to get data about their customers, as detailed as e-stores get.

3 June 2019

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge

RetailTech Startups! Are You Ready for MediaMarkt Startup Challenge?

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge is looking for great RetailTech startups to enhance their current processes, with the use of technology.

29 April 2019

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Winners are Announced!

Click here to learn about the three winners of the MediaMarkt Startup Challenge, chosen by the jury and senior MediaMarkt executives.

8 May 2018

When Retail World Meets Startups with Mediamarkt| Hackquarters

When Retail World Meets Startups

With Mediamarkt Startup Challenge, 11 startups are brought together with the valuable jury members from different companies.

7 May 2018

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge is Looking for Entrepreneurs who Know About Retail

If you are an entrepreneur who would like to make a name with your retail venture worldwide, MediaMarkt Startup Challenge is looking for you!

6 April 2018