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SecurityWall Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #26: SecurityWall

Cybersecurity has different meanings for different audiences. SecurityWall is one of the startups that make the internet more secure.

22 November 2019

Uservision Conference

Startup Spotlight #22: Uservision

Uservision uses many methods to reach the right user and provides companies to take more action with accurate consumer insights.

25 October 2019

Iltema Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #21: İltema

Iltema tries to use “efficient” textile materials in various industries so that our world can take a breathe and we can save money.

18 October 2019

Why Entrepreneurship Has No Gender | Hackquarters | Startup Accelerator

Why Entrepreneurship Has No Gender? (Like Everything Else)

Almost 70% of companies pay more to men. We are not satisfied with these. So here is why entrepreneurship has no gender like everything else.

8 March 2019

How Can You Make a Startup Fall for Your Corporation?

How Can You Make a Young Startup Fall for Your Corporation?

As a growing corporation you need to work with startups to increase your growth. Here are some tips before partnering with the dream startup.

18 February 2019

T3 Entrepreneurship Center

More than 40 Great Startups from T3 Entrepreneurship Center

T3 Entrepreneurship Center pitch day was held for bright entrepreneurs in various verticals. Here are the great startups that attended.

14 February 2019

E-Residency in Estonia

e-Residency for Startups & Entrepreneurs: Am I to be an Estonian from Now on?

Learn more about the e-residency system in Estonia to get the chance to work within European Union without the need of a physical office.

6 January 2019

Pioneers Program Applications are now open

FINAL CALL: You can Apply for Pioneers Program Until 10th of October

Click here to apply to Hackquarters Pioneers program, which helps young entrepreneurs to build the future by interacting with startups.

1 October 2018

We Need Your Help to Get More Science Kits to Rural Areas

Cough It Up! We Need Your Help to Get More Science Kits to Rural Areas

Learn about how you can help Bathabile Mpofu on the distribution of ChemStart science kits to rural schools in Hlabisa area.

3 August 2018