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Startup Spotlight #1: Minorpreneurs

Lots of our friends from various startups are asking us “a favor” to give...

15 March 2019

Lord of the Rings: The story of an entrepreneur

(If you did not watch or read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, things...

12 November 2018

Hackquarters hosted first official NEM Blockchain Meetup in Istanbul

Our love for blockchain can easily be seen from our recent blog posts. As...

10 October 2018

HQ Blog Nem Meetup #1 in Istanbul

BLOCKCHAIN MEETUP: NEM (XEM) Istanbul Meetup #1 Will Happen on 6th of October

Regular followers of our blog are already aware that we have a great interest...

1 October 2018

HQ Blog Binance Labs Incubation Program

Binance Labs Incubation Program is Now Accepting Blockchain Startups

We love startups, as you are well aware. We also love blockchain. So when...

3 September 2018

NEM Ventures as World’s First Smart Asset Blockchain

[UPDATED] NEM Ventures: Perfect way to fund your blockchain startup

I would love to start this blog by saying “Recently” regarding the blockchain community,...

2 August 2018

Infographic from first blockchain hackathon in Turkey, Blockcircus

Blockcircus, the first blockchain hackathon in Turkey, was held in Kolektif House, Istanbul between...

15 July 2018

Türkiye’nin ilk Blockchain eğitim hackathonu Blockcircus’ın kazananları belli oldu!

Türkiye’nin ilk blockchain eğitim hackathonu Blockcircus, daha önce Hackquarters Blog’daki haberimizde de hatırlayabileceğiniz gibi...

1 July 2018

HQ Blog Blockcircus: İstanbul'da Blockchain Hackathonu

Blockcircus: İstanbul’da Blockchain Hackathonu

Blockchain kavramını bilen insanlar için, blockchain kripto paralardan çok daha fazlası. Dışarıdan bakan insanlar...

25 June 2018