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Startup Spotlight #8: Contact Circuit

Contact Management is one of the challenges that many entrepreneurs tried to disrupt, yet...

3 May 2019

Startup Spotlight #5: Reminis

Back when League of Legends was a new game in Turkey, I remember attending...

12 April 2019

Startup Spotlight #4: TION Healthcare

As Hackquarters, we love to watch startups of our friends grow. By “watch”, what...

5 April 2019

Startup Spotlight #3: The Social Formula

Even if we are based in Istanbul, Turkey, we are happy that we have...

29 March 2019

Startup Spotlight #2: Attention Insight

We published our first startup last week, on Startup Spotlight, with Minorpreneurs. As the...

26 March 2019

Startup Spotlight #1: Minorpreneurs

Lots of our friends from various startups are asking us “a favor” to give...

15 March 2019