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Esengül Sağdınç

New term kick-off for Hackquarters Pioneers: Learn, Engage, Deliver and Graduate

As we started our program on 18th of November with HackCon4 and our new...

15 Aralık 2018

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HackCon4: Pioneers are all in for blockchain, AI, digital transformation, IOT and more

Last Sunday, on 18th Nov, we got together for our 4th HackCon at Kolektif...

21 Kasım 2018

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Pioneers gathered once more for #HackCon3

Hackquarters Pioneers is an entrepreneurship community supporting high school and university students, who want...

26 Temmuz 2018

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Pioneers ve Ben!

Bakıyorum da şimdiye kadar Pioneers programını hiç bizden dinlememişsiniz. Hep Kaan abi anlatmış. Ee...

12 Mart 2018

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HackCon 2: Pioneers selected to reshape the future

If you are following one of Hackquarters’ social media accounts, you are probably familiar...

26 Şubat 2018