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Monicont Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #13: Monicont

Monicont is a great startup optimizing and streamlining remote & rural reach to electricity. You can find more info about the startup here.

19 July 2019

Contact Circuit Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #8: Contact Circuit

Contact Circuit tackles contact management with its platform that keeps details of our contacts up-to-date and grow our network.

3 May 2019

TION Healthcare Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #4: TION Healthcare

Our 4th guest TION Healthcare produces AI driven wearable diagnostic stickers for detecting abnormal rhythms in the heart.

5 April 2019

The Social Formula Startup

Startup Spotlight #3: The Social Formula

Our third guest of Startup Spotlight is The Social Formula. They are an exciting social media maintenance startup from Serbia.

29 March 2019

Attention Insight Startup

Startup Spotlight #2: Attention Insight

This week, our guest startup is from Lithuania! You can find more about Attention Insight with their own words in our website.

26 March 2019

Startup Spotlight #1: Minorpreneurs

Startup Spotlight #1: Minorpreneurs

Starting this week, we will cover at least 1 startup each week with our new Startup Spotlight series. We are open for all kinds of startups.

15 March 2019

HQ Blog BBVA Open Talks

You are Invited to BBVA Open Talks Istanbul!

You are invited to BBVA Open Talks, where you will have the chance to get mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and trainings!

10 April 2018