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Security Wall Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #26: SecurityWall

The increase in Internet usage has brought security issues. This has caused us to...

22 November 2019

Ulak App Image

Startup Spotlight #25: UlakApp

In the Ottoman Empire, the messengers who conveyed important news or document from one...

15 November 2019

Visilab Blog Preview Image

Startup Spotlight #24: VisitorLAB

According to the “Digital in 2019” report published by We Are Social and Hootsuite...

10 November 2019

Startup Spotlight #23: EKMOB

If your business model has too much to do with operations and business processes,...

1 November 2019

Uservision Conferance

Startup Spotlight #22: Uservision

Ads that appear on the internet can sometimes scare us. We worry about the...

25 October 2019

Iltema Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #21: İltema

A material can be called efficient if it lasts longer or performs better than...

18 October 2019

Datapare Blog Preview

Startup Spotlight #20: Datapare

Internet is a vast area of information that may be provided by some random...

11 October 2019

Clothie Logo Image

Startup Spotlight #19: Clotie

Not everyone feels so confident about being their own stylist or simply, has time...

4 October 2019

Zinnox Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #18: ZinnoX

Security is an essential aspect for those who have an online presence for their...

20 September 2019