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Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #16: Babele

Hackquarters is defined as a startup accelerator and a corporate innovation partner. As we...

23 August 2019

Gökhan Menge

Hong Kong: A growing startup ecosystem and international business hub

There is no question that Hong Kong is one of the leading cities in...

10 July 2019

Gökhan Menge

Here are the selected startups for Visa Innovation Program

For the last few months, we were largely focused on our new accelerator with...

20 May 2019

Gökhan Menge

2019 batch for Bayer’s G4A Turkey has kicked-off

In 2018, one of our own favorite programs was Bayer’s Grants4Apps Turkey program. While...

1 April 2019

Gökhan Menge

10 great startups graduated from Workup by Isbank with Demo Day

We recently mentioned Workup by Isbank program twice in our blog. We see Workup...

17 December 2018

Gökhan Menge

You can still apply for new batch of Workup by Isbank

One of Hackquarters’ main partners is İş Bankası (Isbank) of Turkey, for our collaboration...

28 November 2018

Gökhan Menge

Grants4Apps Turkey entrepreneurs presented their progress to Bayer Türk professionals

As most of our followers on social media are aware, we are running an...

18 July 2018

Gökhan Menge

G4A Accelerator 4 Haziran’a, G4A Dealmaker 8 Temmuz’a kadar başvurulara açık!

Güncelleme: G4A Accelerator başvuruları, 4 Haziran’a kadar devam ediyor! Web sitemizi ya da sosyal medya...

11 May 2018