Selected Startups for G4A Turkey Acceleration Program 3rd Batch

As you know, we are conducting the G4A Turkey Acceleration Program to support healthtech startups in Turkey with Bayer. The startups selected for the third term of the program recently have been announced. The selected 9 startups will be supported with a grant, mentoring, training, collaborations worth 60K TL, and the opportunity to work for 100 days in the Bayer Head Office.

Here are selected startups for Bayer G4A Turkey 3rd Batch:

Albert Health

Albert is a voice-based health assistant that helps patients to manage their medication and have a video consultation with doctors.


Elegan Teknoloji strives to bring new and innovative solutions to digital diagnostics,
particularly in the field of hematology. Elegan Teknoloji is developing more effective
and precise solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of various types of blood diseases.

Enbiosis Biosciences

ENBIOSIS Biotechnology aims to provide personalized health solutions and modulate the human microbiome by using artificial intelligence technology.


To create sustainable new software services and platforms in the technology focus, whose aim is to make human life easy.


SOYL-GEL, a multifunctional hydrogel for agriculture, supplies water for prolonged times, releases nutrients and pesticides for soil and plant health. From natural nanotubes in its composite structure, it releases necessary fertilizers and pesticides with water.


Agcurate monitors farmlands all year round globally via multispectral satellite imagery
once in every 5 days to empower industries that farmers depend on, enabling them to
make decisions based on trust.

Hevi AI

Hevi AI aims at providing AI-based solutions for medical imaging for improving patient care. Its current focus is on emergency imaging, where there are insufficient human resources to respond to the massive imaging demand.


An application that will be a solution for receiving practical training in a radiation-free environment by using advanced technology tools such as virtual reality and mobile application in medical imaging techniques training.

3D At├Âlye

Destekbizden is an innovative social assistance platform developed by Tridi, which is an online on-demand manufacturing start-up, in response to COVID19. It aims to prevent losses in the process until the supply chain is re-established by producing the product needs born in hospitals with digital production technologies instantly.

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