Pioneers and I!

I see that you have never listened to the Pioneers program from us. It was always explained by Kaan. Well, if we are shaping the program, then you should also listen it from us!

How Did I Start?

Before I applied to the program, I did not take much place in the entrepreneurship ecosystem as I played an active role in social responsibility area – domestic and international volunteering projects. My goal was clear, to remove social benefits I can provide in this world to the maximum, to strengthen women and create equality, to contribute for each young person in Turkey to grow with this consciousness, and of course, to change the world! I thought that the best way to bring change and make it sustainable is social entrepreneurship and started to work in this direction.

I was slowly taking my first steps on this path, and I saw the Pioneers program on Twitter and applied it. This program, which seemed to be full of secrets because it was made for the first time, sparked an incredible curiosity for me. I was soon called to the Beta team. Of course, I was incredibly excited. They tell us that your ideas are very important and we want to shape the program with you. (Whaaat?!! I don’t believe it!!) It really happened that way. While Kaan said, let’s do this and that, we organized activities in 14 schools and I coordinated these activities with a team of 25 people. We reached more than 1000 university students and we made sure that entreprneurship is a topic that was talked about.

Where Everything Begins

We held our first event at Kolektif House. First of all, I want to state that if you are with 100 people who want to go on the same path with you and incredibly beautiful people who guide you, you will feel stronger. All of us looked for the next activity from the very first day. (We would like to meet more!) We were asked to hold 8 events in each school until the next event. Our goal with these events is to reach people at various locations in Turkey who really want to be entrepreneurs and play role in the upbringing of these people as entrepreneurs with the participation of our Omegas.

We invited our friends who attended more than once in the activities we held every week at our second HackCon event on February 17. (Our family is getting bigger!) Moreover, during the events, the Hackquarters team conveyed the content they carefully select every week, so we read, learned and returned home with a lot of knowledge after each event.

Details Make The Whole Perfect

I would like to talk about some more details about the program in order to guide the friends who want to join Pioneers. We are not limited to activities. We share content from Slack and Whatsapp groups. There is a huge flow of information inside. What we can do, how we can do, we talk, we discuss. We support each other, help each other, participate in entrepreneurship competitions, host people from other cities in our city, and make the most beautiful friendships. Among the things we want to do next, there are many better, more fun and informative ideas. We will be implementing them during this coming period, I think you should definitely be following for developments!

If you want to be a part of Hackquarters Pioneers, you can apply from the link below!

A Big Thanks to Pioneers from Me!

Frankly, institutions that motivate and support the youth entrepreneurship in Turkey, institutions that focus not on what these people have done but instead on their vision and what they will do, and create the necessary environment for ideas are scarce. First of all, I would like to thank Kaan Akın for leading this, we are all very grateful for every good thing you made us a part of. I would like to also thank Sabina Babayeva for guiding me and being with me all the time. Finally, a big thank you to our valuable Omegas who came to our events and shared their experiences and to the entire Hackquarters team for making the program possible!


Esengül Sağdınç
Pioneers Beta, Hackquarters Community Manager
İstanbul Commerce University





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