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Pona Spotlight Image

Startup Spotlight #30: Pona

If you live far away in your family, you may miss the food you...

21 December 2019

International Acceleration Program ICUBE

ICUBE Demo Day: 10 Startups Selected for London

  The International Acceleration Program ICUBE, which started on October 17, and owned by...

20 December 2019

Spotlight Mixoper Image

Startup Spotlight #29: Mixoper

If we have a problem with a product we have purchased, it is sometimes...

14 December 2019

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Social Entrepreneurship: Rise by Lifting Others

As most you are following Take Off Summit, held in partnership with the T3...

12 December 2019

HQ Blog Batch 5 Alumni of Workup

Batch#5 Workup Startups Graduated

Workup is one of the coolest and most successful acceleration programs in the Turkish...

9 December 2019

Startup Spotlight #28: Optiyol

If you follow the Hackquarters blog, you may have noticed our interest and enthusiasm...

7 December 2019

How to Convert Your Company to a Living Organism

As Hackquarters, we have met many startups since 2015. Undoubtedly, it is very difficult...

6 December 2019

Bebehope Website Image

Startup Spotlight #27: bebehope

Being a parent starts from the moment a man and a woman decide to...

29 November 2019

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How AI Reshapes the Insurance Industry?

Artificial intelligence by default has become a part of our lives. It is possible...

28 November 2019