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THY Travel Hackathon

Turkey’s First Air Travel Hackathon THY Travel Hackathon Took Place

Travel Hackathon organized by Turkish Airlines and supported by Hackquarters is a first in Turkey, bringing new ideas in air transport.

28 December 2017

Redbull Amaphiko

RedBull Hosted Turkish Social Entrepreneurs for the Second Time with Amaphiko

Details on Redbull's Amaphiko project, which supports social entrepreneurs and got together with Turkish entrepreneurs for the second time.

26 December 2017

PartyMag Application

PartyMag, the Indispensable App of Nightlife, is in the App Store with Its Premium Service!

Learn more about PartyMag, a great application to be informed about the nightlife with its easy booking and advantageous payment options.

20 December 2017