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Gökhan Menge

4th Batch Workup Startups graduated from the program with Demo Day

It feels like we start every blog about Isbank the same way, but the...

20 June 2019

Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #11: Payhawk

At Hackquarters Headquarters (I always wanted to say that), our latest addiction is Fintech!...

14 June 2019

Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #10: BuyBuddy

As Hackquarters, we have reached out to thousands of startups combined through our various...

3 June 2019

Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #9: Gugagon

As taught in Turkish schools from elementary to high school, Turkey has fertile lands...

24 May 2019

Serdar Keskin

Three Trends to Shape the Future of Advertising

In the emerge of the experience economy, the speed of change, technological developments and...

20 May 2019

Gökhan Menge

Here are the selected startups for Visa Innovation Program

For the last few months, we were largely focused on our new accelerator with...

Gökhan Menge

PowerUp! 2019 Turkey Final has concluded

PowerUp! Startup Competition is the biggest energy focused startup event in Europe and carries...

6 May 2019

Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #8: Contact Circuit

Contact Management is one of the challenges that many entrepreneurs tried to disrupt, yet...

3 May 2019

Sabina Babayeva

Strategy Essentials: How to set goals?

What a juicy word ‘Strategy’ is. But what comes to your mind first, when...

29 April 2019