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Optimist Hub

Startup Spotlight #18: ZinnoX

Security is an essential aspect for those who have an online presence for their...

20 September 2019

Berk Hamarat

Take Off Istanbul Day 3: The Big Day for Startups

Take Off İstanbul Day 3 was very excited for startups. 50 startups selected with...

Take Off DAY 2 Corporate Partnership Image

Berk Hamarat

Take Off Day #2 – Corporate Partnerships

Day 2 left behind with corporate presentations. More than 30 companies, organizations, and accelerators...

18 September 2019

Berk Hamarat

Take Off İstanbul Day 1: Take off is kicked off!

Take Off is kicked off! The event started with the speech of Serdar Gürbüz...

17 September 2019

LegalTech Startup Challenge Last Day For Applications

Gökhan Menge

LegalTech Startup Challenge accepting applications until September 15!

If you are a founder of a startup, you need to become a Swiss...

13 September 2019

Optimist Hub

Startup Spotlight #17: KATALOQ

Even the corporate companies with proper bases, from time to time, may struggle to...

7 Tricks on How to Write About Your Startup to Attract Investors

Nicole Garrison

7 Tricks on How to Write About Your Startup to Attract Investors

Starting your own business takes courage and persistence. Once you have made that big...

11 September 2019

Sabina Babayeva

The Power of Professional Drivers

Why some people are sooo good; so successful; and some are not? What makes...

26 August 2019

Gökhan Menge

Startup Spotlight #16: Babele

Hackquarters is defined as a startup accelerator and a corporate innovation partner. As we...

23 August 2019