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Is Remote – Work Against Agile?

Sometimes, one may feel that remote - work is against Agile by nature, and he may struggle as if he is floating against the tide to implement a trusted agile methodology such as SCRUM or Kanban, etc. But, if we need to be specific about this question “Is Remote –Work against Agile or not?”, then the answer is of course not, because Agile is not a certain process or a specific methodology, Agile is A Way Of Thinking, or by definition, Agile Is A Mindset, that could be work in all context.

29 July 2020

A Development Model for Remote & Distributed Teams

It has been noticed a few years ago that the trend of turning to the work-from-home model has been rapidly increasing, among all levels of software companies, that you may have heard about some teams in Microsoft, Google, and many others.

22 July 2020

Emotional Marketing for Startups

The pandemic was one of the most difficult times for startups but also provided some opportunities in terms of fulfillment, change of target audience, and many other actions.

13 July 2020

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program Demoday Statistics

Sustainable Growth Program Demoday

Run by Hackquarters, HSBC Sustainable Growth Program is a 6-month accelerator for social entrepreneurs, aiming to bring solutions.

10 July 2020

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program Meetup 4 : Protect Nature

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program | Meetup #4 Protect Nature

In the framework of Sustainable Growth Program, Hackquarters organized the 4th online meetup with the theme "Protect Nature".

3 July 2020

Startup Spotlight #47 Center Health

In health services, technology use is gaining a seat day by day. Platforms that provide patients the opportunity, with which they are offered more effective healthcare, doctors, and treatments at optimum locations and level of prices (according to their needs).

30 June 2020

Support Your Neighbour: All-Times Essentials

For a period while we were all locked down at homes during covid-19 a lot of things have changed in our lives, or we changed the perception of them. But there are really true things that never change, like supporting and sharing with people who live next to us.

29 June 2020

Startup Spotlight #46 mypoba

mypoba is an Online Sponsorship and Brand Engagement platform which gathers Brands, Organisers, Places, and Artists & Athletes together in one environment.

26 June 2020

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program | Meetup#2 Sustainable Houses

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program | Meetup#2 Sustainable Houses

Did you know that globally we produce 1.3 billion tons of garbage? Are there any solutions for these? Sustainable living might be the answer.

22 June 2020