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Zero Waste Living: Sustainable Growth Program Meetup

Zero Waste Living: Sustainable Growth Program Meetup

Sustainable Growth Program Kickoff Event The meetup started with Sabina Babayeva, Hackquarters COO, speaking...

9 March 2020

Within this health ecosystem, Instacare brings healthcare seekers and healthcare providers of Pakistan in one platform.

Startup Spotlight #35: Instacare

Digital transformation has increased efficiency in many industries, including healthcare. These technological advances allow...

27 January 2020

ARINKOM TTO TechUP 2020 Startups

ARINKOM TTO TechUP’20 Startups

Techup is an accelerator program consisting of training, mentoring and consultancy services for companies...

24 January 2020

Hydrao Logo

Startup Spotlight #34: Hydrao

As innovation makes life more and more easy for us, environmental concerns should also...

17 January 2020

Sustainable Growth Selected Start-Up

Our Social Heroes Selected for the Sustainable Growth Program

Hackquarters is working closely with HSBC Turkey on Sustainable Growth Program, the social entrepreneurship...

16 January 2020


Startup Spotlight #33: GlocalZone

As global mobility increases, consumer habits change and new lifestyles emerge. Each day, more...

10 January 2020

Pigro Startup Spotlight Website Image

Startup Spotlight #32: Pigro

Chatbots are artificial intelligence that interact with people in written or verbal ways. Instead...

6 January 2020

Tiny Design Blog - Post

Startup Spotlight #31: Tiny Design

Graphic design is the visualization of any thought or an event that you want...

27 December 2019

BNP Paribas Cardif

The InsurTech startups for a Changing World: Disrupting Insurance Startup Challenge

Hackquarters’ recent Disrupting Insurance Startup Challenge powered in BNP Paribas Cardif is an innovation...

23 December 2019