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In The Time Of Pandemic, What Investors Are Looking For?

In The Time Of Pandemic, What Investors Are Looking For?

The world after COVID-19 would not be the same as before. We believe the behavior of investors will change, especially on risk measurements.

1 June 2020

Moneymo Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #43 Moneymo

Moneymo provides mobile banking/e-wallet users a simple and fast shopping experience through all online and offline sales channels.

29 May 2020

Bartme Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #42 Bartme

Bartme, our new guest for Startup Spotlight, makes exchange easier by offering an innovative solution for the valuation of items.

23 May 2020

The New Normal: How to Prepare for Post Covid-19

The New Normal: How to Prepare for Post-Covid 19 in 4 Steps

"The new normal" can be a period where we adapt and lead the change. Here are 4 steps to get over the pandemic period with success.

18 May 2020

Sorwe Values and Impact

Startup Spotlight #41 Sorwe

Sorwe digitalizes all HR processes with gamification, keeps employees connected and delivers analytics for better decision making.

8 May 2020

Visa Innovation Program

Visa Innovation Program: 2nd Batch Online Kick Off

Hackquarters has been working closely with Visa to support fintechs to scale their businesses globally via the Visa Innovation Program.

7 May 2020

How to Create a Compelling Start-up Story

A good communications strategy allows a startup to tell its story most effectively. If you have a start-up, then a good story is what you need to get to your targeted audience.

6 May 2020

Drive Buddy

Startup Spotlight #40 Drive Buddy

The vast majority of traffic accidents are due to driver errors. Drive Buddy provides a solution to the problems in driving habits.

2 May 2020

Startup Spotlight #39: Sertifier

Sertifier offers a certificate in design and distribution application to track and verify education data using block chain technology.

24 April 2020