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You can track changes on any website with Obserwise by Datapare

Datapare is one of the services that we love, and also one of the...

12 September 2018

Here are awesome speakers for world’s biggest free startup event: Take Off Istanbul

Recently we are on a very busy schedule in Hackquarters. We are very excited...

11 September 2018

Successful Pitch Decks

7 Successful Pitch Decks from Startups that are Now Billion-Dollar Companies

You have probably heard of LinkedIn, YouTube and Foursquare. The founders of these big...

3 September 2018

10 Failed Startup Ideas

10 Weird Startup Ideas that Failed Miserably

Hackquarters is (mostly) about providing people or corporations with experience. When we are mentoring...

HQ Blog Binance Labs Incubation Program

Binance Labs Incubation Program is Now Accepting Blockchain Startups

We love startups, as you are well aware. We also love blockchain. So when...

London will have their own SHERPA for UI/UX mountains

If you are somehow interested in mountaineering or watched a few documentaries about Mount...

9 August 2018

We Need Your Help to Get More Science Kits to Rural Areas

Cough It Up! We Need Your Help to Get More Science Kits to Rural Areas

If you are following Hackquarters on social media, probably you are already familiar with...

3 August 2018

SmartBIGG: Chance to get 150.000 TL non-refundable grant support for technology-focused business ideas

As Hackquarters we don’t just support startups in every way we can, but we...

2 August 2018

NEM Ventures as World’s First Smart Asset Blockchain

[UPDATED] NEM Ventures: Perfect way to fund your blockchain startup

I would love to start this blog by saying “Recently” regarding the blockchain community,...