Messages from Entrepreneurs to Other Entrepreneurs from Kässbohrer’s 125th Anniversary

As our friends who follow our blog already know, we recently attended Kässbohrer’s 125th anniversary event in Ulm, Germany. Professionals from all over the world, mainly focusing on mobility, had the chance to witness the future of the automotive and logistics industry. Kaan and Sabina from the Hackquarters team attended the event with our friends from TIRSAN. Entrepreneurs from startups which are selected to present in front of that audience also talked about their startups and gave valuable messages to the audience.

You can find photos from the event as well as videos of Darius Moeini from Numa Berlin, Jerome Hess from BeNomad, Mauricio Esguerra from Magment, Simon Bosschieter from Holland Container Innovations and Stef Van der Loo from CargoSnap. In the videos, these successful names explain their businesses and give valuable messages to entrepreneurs.

Photos from Kässbohrer’s 125th Anniversary

Videos from the Entrepreneurs

Darius Moeini (Founder – Numa Berlin)

Jerome Hess (Business Development Director – BeNomad)

Mauricio Esguerra (CEO – Magment)

Simon Bosschieter (CEO – Holland Container Innovations)

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