Hackquarters hosted first official NEM Blockchain Meetup in Istanbul

Our love for blockchain can easily be seen from our recent blog posts. As most of our followers are aware, we were preparing for the first official NEM Blockchain Meetup in Istanbul. Even if we did not have much time for registrations and preparations and we hosted fewer people than we wanted, our first event with NEM was a success according to feedback from our audience.

We hosted our event in Kolektif House Maslak, which is a great co-working space and “natural habitat” to startups and entrepreneurs. Kolektif House Maslak is located in the business district of Maslak, which is very close to metro and bus stops in the area. We arranged KoLounge, which is a huge presentation space with a capacity of more than 100 people.

“We are here for technology”

There were more than 60 registrations to our Eventbrite page about the event, but there were around 25 people attending from the Eventbrite list. With our friends from the startup community in Istanbul, the total number of attendees was around 35. But the thing is, most of our attendees were real “blockchain enthusiasts“, which was our main goal while trying to gather people for our event. We love cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities on coins too, but for our event, our aim was to gather “We are here for the technology” type of enthusiasts.

The first official NEM Blockchain Istanbul Meetup has started with the opening speech from Hackquarters CEO, Kaan Akın. After his welcoming speech, Donabelle Rinon and Paul Christian Espiritu from NEM Middle East Team took over the stage. They provided the audience with great presentations on Blockchain 101 and NEM 101.

Turkey has great potential on the blockchain

After the presentations, we had a Q&A session, with great questions from our audience. Our enthusiasts was very curious about not only XEM, the main cryptocurrency of NEM ecosystem, but also development side.

During our dedicated networking time, we also had the chance to talk to NEM representatives about Turkey and the blockchain ecosystem here. We will keep working with NEM for more meetups to create awareness on the advantages of NEM blockchain and as an insider to our beloved readers, we will probably organize a hackathon with NEM too. Last but not least, we can have more exciting news from NEM regarding Turkish blockchain ecosystem, which we can’t tell you right now.

We would like to thank all our attendees, NEM representatives Dona and Paul, who honored us with their presence in Istanbul and Kolektif House for hosting us.

Here are a few more photos from NEM Istanbul Meetup #1

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