Hackquarters Attended GITEX Future Stars ’18 in Dubai

As you are all aware, we recently organized the First Official NEM Istanbul Meetup, thanks to our friends in NEM Dubai office. We are currently on the planning phase of our upcoming events with NEM. As our ties grow stronger with NEM community, our friends invited us to Dubai to take part in Gitex Future Stars. We gladly accepted the invitation.

Gitex Future Stars is probably one of the biggest startup related events in the MENA region. There were a few startup competitions and lots of awards to be given to entrepreneurs. Our hall was filled with startups from various different verticals, such as software, space tech, health tech, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Thanks to NEM, our booth was in blockchain part of GFS (Gitex Future Stars).

Great Opportunity for All Startups who Target MENA

Not only startups, but there were a lot of startup accelerator programs, investors were there from various regions such as India, USA, Dubai and more. Entrepreneurs found the chance to arrange meetings with investors within dedicated areas for such meetings. Competitions such as Supernova Challenge also gave startups to pitch their ideas in front of potential investors.

As for Hackquarters, it was a very efficient and fun event. We had the chance to meet new startups and corporations from all around the globe which we hope to collaborate in the coming months. We also had the chance to meet a lot of new people from NEM team and great startups within the NEM blockchain ecosystem.

Familiar Faces in Dubai

It was also great to see some startups from our Take Off Istanbul Startup Summit event in Dubai. As most of you are aware, as Hackquarters, we hosted more than 200 startups from all around the world in Istanbul for our event. We also had the chance to meet some new Turkish corporations and startups that we came across in Dubai.

Taking part in GFS and having our own booth was a great experience, and thanks to our friends at NEM Dubai office, we had the chance to meet a lot of new people from the blockchain industry. Hopefully, we will be attending Gitex again next year. Until then, don’t forget to follow our social media channels for the latest news from the startup scene and Hackquarters.

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