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EKMOB Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #23: EKMOB

EKMOB is a cloud-based platform for the management of the field team. With EKMOB, companies can manage orders, perform tasks, and more.

1 November 2019

Uservision Conference

Startup Spotlight #22: Uservision

Uservision uses many methods to reach the right user and provides companies to take more action with accurate consumer insights.

25 October 2019

Iltema Blog Image

Startup Spotlight #21: İltema

Iltema tries to use “efficient” textile materials in various industries so that our world can take a breathe and we can save money.

18 October 2019

Datapare Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #20: Datapare

Datapare cares about your wallet. You can track the item you want to buy and find the cheapest provider or get notified when it’s on sale.

11 October 2019

Clothie Logo

Startup Spotlight #19: Clotie

Not everyone feels so confident about being their own stylist or simply, has time to go shopping. There, Clotie comes into play.

4 October 2019

Zinnox Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #18: ZinnoX

Security is an essential aspect for those who have an online presence for their businesses, and ZinnoX Tech Solutions is here to help.

20 September 2019

KATALOQ Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #17: KATALOQ

KATALOQ is founded by people experienced in corporate trainings. Put your concerns behind and let them establish a healthy work environment.

13 September 2019

Startup Spotlight #16: Babele

Babele is a virtual accelerator dedicated to startup incubators. It provides a collaborative environment for business modeling.

23 August 2019

AlmaPact Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #15: AlmaPact

AlmaPact is a startup that seeks to make life easier for people on heavy student loans with flexible income sharing agreements.

2 August 2019