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Startup Spotlight #17: KATALOQ

Even the corporate companies with proper bases, from time to time, may struggle to...

13 September 2019

Startup Spotlight #16: Babele

Hackquarters is defined as a startup accelerator and a corporate innovation partner. As we...

23 August 2019

Startup Spotlight #15: AlmaPact

As a Turk born & raised in Istanbul, I can say that I never...

2 August 2019

Startup Spotlight #14: BirdShades

Startup Spotlight has featured lots of different startups, such as fintech, education tech or...

30 July 2019

Startup Spotlight #13: Monicont

Currently, our main focus is to gather even more startups for the upcoming Take...

19 July 2019

Startup Spotlight #12: Inspirify

We love all startups, but some of them are like family to us; such...

5 July 2019

Startup Spotlight #11: Payhawk

At Hackquarters Headquarters (I always wanted to say that), our latest addiction is Fintech!...

14 June 2019

Startup Spotlight #10: BuyBuddy

As Hackquarters, we have reached out to thousands of startups combined through our various...

3 June 2019

Startup Spotlight #9: Gugagon

As taught in Turkish schools from elementary to high school, Turkey has fertile lands...

24 May 2019