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Sorwe Values and Impact

Startup Spotlight #41 Sorwe

Sorwe digitalizes all HR processes with gamification, keeps employees connected and delivers analytics for better decision making.

8 May 2020

Drive Buddy

Startup Spotlight #40 Drive Buddy

The vast majority of traffic accidents are due to driver errors. Drive Buddy provides a solution to the problems in driving habits.

2 May 2020

Startup Spotlight #39: Sertifier

Sertifier offers a certificate in design and distribution application to track and verify education data using block chain technology.

24 April 2020

Musebirds Startup Spotlight

Startup Spotlight #38: MuseBirds

As a startup in the travel ecosystem, MuseBirds believes that contentment should be the base of every product, service and process.

17 April 2020

Sanction Scanner

Startup Spotlight #37: Sanction Scanner

With its powerful search algorithms supported by artificial intelligence, Sanction Scanner helps businesses to safely perform AML checks.

11 April 2020

Startup Spotlight #36: Mana

Mana was established in 2018 as a social entrepreneurship brand aiming at producing and selling environmental-friendly sustainable products.

20 March 2020

Within this health ecosystem, Instacare brings healthcare seekers and healthcare providers of Pakistan in one platform.

Startup Spotlight #35: Instacare

Within the health ecosystem, Instacare brings healthcare seekers and providers in one platform, providing an easy system for both.

27 January 2020

Hydrao Logo

Startup Spotlight #34: Hydrao

Scarcity of water is an important global issue. To solve this, Hydrao offers a way to create habits on saving water and monitors your usage.

17 January 2020


Startup Spotlight #33: GlocalZone

With Glocalzone, travelers earn money through delivering the requested items, while the shoppers enjoy borderless shopping.

10 January 2020