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Gökhan Menge

10 Food startups was at Impact Hub Istanbul for EIT Food

Our followers on social media are always the ones, that get the news related...

16 November 2018

Gökhan Menge

Lord of the Rings: The story of an entrepreneur

(If you did not watch or read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, things...

12 November 2018

Gökhan Menge

6 Shittiest Piece of Advice about Running Your Startup

If you watched “The Social Network” movie, you probably remember the scene where Sean...

30 October 2018

Gökhan Menge

5 Must-Have Applications and Services For Startups

Start-ups and small businesses often maintain a group of less than 10 people to...

24 September 2018

Gökhan Menge

7 startup pitch decks from time when they were not huge

You have probably heard of LinkedIn, YouTube and Foursquare. Their founders were hungry entrepreneurs...

3 September 2018

Gökhan Menge

10 weird startup ideas that failed miserably

Hackquarters is (mostly) about providing people or corporations with experience. When we are mentoring...

Gökhan Menge

Build a Stellar Personal Brand with .TECH Domains

The word ‘brand’ has long been associated with multinational corporations and lifestyle products. But...

25 June 2018

Gökhan Menge

Girişimler için en iyi SEO araçları ve SEO uygulamaları

Yazıya başlarken ilk demek istediğim şey şu: Kimseye SEO’yu 10 dakikada okuyabileceğiniz bir yazıda...

29 May 2018

Sabina Babayeva

How to Prepare for Public Speaking

No need to say, that for many people it is a real nightmare to...

20 April 2018