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Competing Turkish Startups for EIT Food

10 Food Startups Were at Impact Hub Istanbul for EIT Food

Get more information on the competing Turkish food startups at EIT Food's (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) event.

16 November 2018

Lord of the Rings background

Lord of the Rings: The Story of an Entrepreneur

There are lots of myths about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Today, we will assume that he foresaw entrepreneurs and their problems.

12 November 2018

Shitty Advice Ideas

6 Shittiest Piece of Advice about Running Your Startup

While running your startup, it is important to only follow the good advice amongst many. Here are 6 of the shitty advice ideas you can hear.

30 October 2018

5 Must-Have Applications and Services For Startups

5 Must-Have Applications and Services For Startups

Information on 5 time-efficient applications and services for any startup or small business to be more effective on their work.

24 September 2018

Successful Pitch Decks

7 Successful Pitch Decks from Startups that are Now Billion-Dollar Companies

Here are the examples of successful pitch decks of big startups like LinkedIn, YouTube, Buzzfeed before they became billion-dollar companies.

3 September 2018

10 Failed Startup Ideas

10 Weird Startup Ideas that Failed Miserably

Get more information on 10 failed startup ideas and the reason to their failure to guide you in creating your own successful business.

Build a Stellar Personal Brand with .TECH Domains

Build a Stellar Personal Brand with .TECH Domains

How can you build an impressive personal brand that will stand the test of time? .TECH domains are here to help you with your branding.

25 June 2018

The Best SEO Tools and Practices for Startups

The Best SEO Tools and SEO Practices for Startups

SEO is more complicated to explain in a 10-minute-article. Here, you can learn about the simplest means you can step into SEO for your site.

29 May 2018

6 Tips for Public Speaking

How to Prepare for Public Speaking

For many people public speaking is a real nightmare, but it is just a matter of practice. Here are a few tips for you to speak confidently!

20 April 2018