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Beril Sönmez

Administration is not just all about stationery!

There are a lot of researches available every day, they’ve written to explain how...

5 Nisan 2019

Esengül Sağdınç

How to create a fancy LinkedIn profile? 

Today’s business is all on platforms like LinkedIn, angel.co, indeed etc. We use LinkedIn...

19 Şubat 2019

Gökhan Menge

How can you make a young startup fall for your corporation?

As a corporate, you probably wish that there was a “Tinder for corporations”, so...

18 Şubat 2019

multi-national company vs startups

Gökhan Menge

Can corporations innovate like startups?

We are mostly giving bits of advice to startups in our blog, thanks to...

9 Ocak 2019


Gökhan Menge

e-Residency for Startups & entrepreneurs: Am I to be an Estonian from now on?

If you are reading this blog, I can easly assume that you are already...

6 Ocak 2019

Beril Sönmez

How to setup a company in Turkey

The main point to set up a company is to determine what to do...

3 Aralık 2018

Sabina Babayeva

How to prepare a Pitch Deck in 13 easy steps

When you consider that sometimes the only thing that you can reach to a...

30 Kasım 2018

Gökhan Menge

10 Food startups was at Impact Hub Istanbul for EIT Food

Our followers on social media are always the ones, that get the news related...

16 Kasım 2018

Gökhan Menge

Lord of the Rings: The story of an entrepreneur

(If you did not watch or read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, things...

12 Kasım 2018