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The Power of Professional Drivers

The Power of Professional Drivers

What are your professional drivers that make you wake up every morning? What do you care most: your own success or success of other people?

26 August 2019


Strategy Essentials: How to Set Goals?

The complexity seen in the word strategy is more often overestimated. Here, we try to explain what strategy is and how you should set goals.

29 April 2019

HQ Blog Image Administration Is More Than Stationery

Administration Is Not Just All About Stationery!

Information on some administration tips to manage your company more efficiently at a fast changing period due to new technology.

5 April 2019

How to Create a Fancy LinkedIn Profile

How to Create a Fancy LinkedIn Profile? 

Here are some tips on creating a fancy LinkedIn profile. With a great profile, you can find your dream job and keep your network in touch.

19 February 2019

How Can You Make a Startup Fall for Your Corporation?

How Can You Make a Young Startup Fall for Your Corporation?

As a growing corporation you need to work with startups to increase your growth. Here are some tips before partnering with the dream startup.

18 February 2019

Multi-National Company vs Startups

Can Corporations Innovate Like Startups?

Corporations and startups are different, but can corporates innovate like startups? Here is what the Hackquarters team thinks about.

9 January 2019

E-Residency in Estonia

e-Residency for Startups & Entrepreneurs: Am I to be an Estonian from Now on?

Learn more about the e-residency system in Estonia to get the chance to work within European Union without the need of a physical office.

6 January 2019

How to Set up Your Company in Turkey

How to Setup a Company in Turkey

The main point to set up a company is to determine what to do exactly in Turkey with future forecasted activities along with your main goal.

3 December 2018

13 Easy Steps to Create a Successful Pitch Deck

How to Prepare a Pitch Deck in 13 Easy Steps

We wanted to be more practical and focus on the skeleton of the pitch deck. Here are 13 easy steps for creating a great pitch deck.

30 November 2018