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The Power of Professional Drivers

Why some people are sooo good; so successful; and some are not? What makes...

26 August 2019

Strategy Essentials: How to set goals?

What a juicy word ‘Strategy’ is. But what comes to your mind first, when...

29 April 2019

Administration is not just all about stationery!

There are a lot of researches available every day, they’ve written to explain how...

5 April 2019

How to create a fancy LinkedIn profile? 

Today’s business is all on platforms like LinkedIn, angel.co, indeed etc. We use LinkedIn...

19 February 2019

How can you make a young startup fall for your corporation?

As a corporate, you probably wish that there was a “Tinder for corporations”, so...

18 February 2019

multi-national company vs startups

Can corporations innovate like startups?

We are mostly giving bits of advice to startups in our blog, thanks to...

9 January 2019


e-Residency for Startups & entrepreneurs: Am I to be an Estonian from now on?

If you are reading this blog, I can easly assume that you are already...

6 January 2019

How to setup a company in Turkey

The main point to set up a company is to determine what to do...

3 December 2018

How to prepare a Pitch Deck in 13 easy steps

When you consider that sometimes the only thing that you can reach to a...

30 November 2018