Best Turkish Universities in Startup 100 List


In recent months, top 100 startups in Turkish startup ecosystem has been voted by a jury consisting of professionals from various sectors. This jury picked more than 250 startups to vote and collectively selected top 100 amongst them. You can see full Startup 100 selections on eGirişim, or you can visit Startup 100 website for more info.

Rather than looking at the list and the startups that are included, we preffered to dig a bit deeper. We searched for founders and co-founders of startups in the Startup 100 list on LinkedIn and collected data about their universities. In Hackquarters, we try to reach out to best university students all around Turkey and invite them to our Pioneers program, where we introduce  them to startup mindset. So this data is valuable to all of us.

You can find the graph that we generated from university data of founders & cofounders from Startup 100 list below;

We gathered university data for around 130 founders and co-founders from the startups. Interestingly, most of them were from Middle East Technical University, which is in Ankara. While we all consider that Istanbul and universities in Istanbul is the cradle for Turkish startups, METU had the most entrepreneurs in the list. And also Bilkent University, which is also in Ankara, was fourth in the list. Other notable universities was Boğaziçi University and Istanbul Technical University.

There were also founders and co-founders from notable universities around the world such as Carnegie Mellon, London School of Economics, Stanford.

As Hackquarters, we are trying to provide Turkish startup scene with more and more startups and entrepreneurs with our Pioneers program. So, if you are wandering about what our Pioneers does, you can click here, or if you want to be a part of our future entrepreneurs, you can click here to apply for Pioneers.

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