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Support Your Neighbour: All-Times Essentials

For a period while we were all locked down at homes during covid-19 a lot of things have changed in our lives, or we changed the perception of them. But there are really true things that never change, like supporting and sharing with people who live next to us.

29 June 2020

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program | Meetup#2 Sustainable Houses

HSBC Sustainable Growth Program | Meetup#2 Sustainable Houses

Did you know that globally we produce 1.3 billion tons of garbage? Are there any solutions for these? Sustainable living might be the answer.

22 June 2020

Working Remotely: Hackquarters Way

Working Remotely: Hackquarters Way

With the Covid-19, opportunities are pushing for more technological adaptation. Here are some tips from our team on working remotely.

20 April 2020

Empathy for Businesses

Empathy: Transforming Business Communication

Over the years, I have tried to polish my character to evolve more empathy and communication. Similarly, empathy can help businesses as well.

16 March 2020

The Power of Professional Drivers

The Power of Professional Drivers

What are your professional drivers that make you wake up every morning? What do you care most: your own success or success of other people?

26 August 2019


Strategy Essentials: How to Set Goals?

The complexity seen in the word strategy is more often overestimated. Here, we try to explain what strategy is and how you should set goals.

29 April 2019

13 Easy Steps to Create a Successful Pitch Deck

How to Prepare a Pitch Deck in 13 Easy Steps

We wanted to be more practical and focus on the skeleton of the pitch deck. Here are 13 easy steps for creating a great pitch deck.

30 November 2018

6 Tips for Public Speaking

How to Prepare for Public Speaking

For many people public speaking is a real nightmare, but it is just a matter of practice. Here are a few tips for you to speak confidently!

20 April 2018

When To Start Hiring as a Startup: Ready To Share?

When To Start Hiring as a Startup: Ready To Share?

Click here to learn more about when our team thinks you should start hiring as a startup, business or entrepreneurship.

14 February 2018