Hackquarters help startups find their true potential.


Visualise your innovative ideas into real and applicable solutions.


Pioneers is an opportunity to be a founder or join a startup, for students.

Hackquarters is your launchpad to become a successful company that you deserve to be. In Hackquarters you will have access to our great team, capacity and disruptive technologies. It’s not only our office space that we will be sharing, but people who see far beyond today.

Join the house in Istanbul

We are extremely happy that you are considering being a member of our family! Our mission is to understand and reveal the capabilities of your product and to identify the possible success at the market. After reviewing your application our team will reply to you in 7 working days.

We Want To Know About Your…


Business Plan is a must. We want to see your vision for the product and your professional approach for the business.


Right team is everything. We say ‘yes’ if you are passionate about what you do, so, together we can grow faster.


Starting from the moment when you join Hackquarters you grow, grow, grow.

Our Startups

Vetmapp is the easiest way to bring together pet owners and veterinary clinics. Vetmapp provides access to the most real-time list of Vet clinics, where you can directly contact the veterinary or ask a question; and share your concerns with other pet lovers.

Screensocializer empowers brands and agencies with a smart social tv media solution to help them create social tv ad campaigns for increased viewer engagement and more creative campaigns.

Minorpreneurs is educational platform aiming to develop entrepreneurial and maker skills among children and teenagers from 7-17, empowering them to discover their potential.

Verico is visualising statistical data and show it in a simple way. Verico is transforming heavy Big Data and sectoral corporate reports into easy to understand visual stories using infographic videos.

PartyMag is a platform where you can find the parties according to your mood. PartyMag suggests the party according to your personal taste and connects you with the like-minded people.

Datapare is a business analytics platform where all businesses get the most insights for their or competitors product simple, fast and accurate.

Neytiv is a native advertisement network in travel synchronizing marketing needs with the relevant online content.

LOKI is a smart and easy to use cyber security device that provides signed logging, firewall, antivirus, ips/ids and many other features. LOKI allows you to manage your network without technical knowledge empowers you to manage your network from a single point without separate devices.

Bonobo is a communication platform where you can express your feelings sending small gifts. sing Bonobo you can select small compliments/gifts; pay on mobile app; so your friend can pick it up in the nearest location.

This can be your spot on our website. Don’t be shy! We can help you win!

Hackquarters helps corporates to visualize their innovative ideas into real and applicable innovative solutions. Our Corporate Innovation Program is tailored to boost your industry towards innovation and digital transformation

Accessing and supporting the cool startups today, you invest in the future.

As a Startup Accelerator and Corporate Innovation partner in Istanbul, Hackquarters provides access to global startup ecosystem in multiple sectors such as Fintech, IoT, Travel, Food & Beverage, Media & Entertainment, Sales & Marketing and many more.

Everyone needs to innovate in order to survive

Our Corporate Innovation Partners

What our friends say about Hackquarters

Engaging with Startups is like getting lost in an ocean. Hackquarters is working as a compass for us during this journey. Their expertise and experience enable us to communicate with the right players in startup ecosystem and bring us one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Gökay Kılıç
Gökay KılıçIT Innovation Consultant, Bayer

Aksigorta Startup Challenge provided a chance to meet with very bright and talented young entrepreneurs, endeavoring to develop their start-up-projects. Our topics were digital health and insurtech along with digital technologies. We were very surprised and pleased with the outcome, had hard time to pick up the finalists with innovative and disruptive insurtech ideas and applications. The demo day was very productive as well. The startups made their presentations; exchanging their fresh, out-of-the box ideas with audiences, had the chance to network and meet with the insurance professionals from Aksigorta. We are still in contact with them for possible partnership models and following their progress, thanks to our business partner Hackquarters that makes this happen.

Derya Atakan Deyirmenci
Derya Atakan DeyirmenciDigital Lead, Aksigorta

Hackquarters played a pivotal role in HERE’s developer outreach activities as they helped us organize our 8000+ employee company’s very first external hackathon in Istanbul! Their altruistic mindset to enable the whole ecosystem is contagious!

Melodi Kaya
Melodi KayaCommunity Lead, HERE

Pioneers program is dedicated for highschool and university students, who desires to be founders or the team of next generation startups. In this program you’ll meet, learn and do with successful founders.

Every year, we graduate 100 Pioneers and get 100 new Pioneers.

Together, we are creating startups of future!

Meet Our Team

Kaan Akın

Kaan Akın

Namık Kural

Namık Kural

Private Investor
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Sabina Babayeva

Program Director
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Aylin Bahar

Partnership Director
Gökhan Menge

Gökhan Menge

Marketing Manager
Zeynep Ofluoğlu

Zeynep Ofluoğlu

Social Media Specialist
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Esengül Sağdınç

Community Manager


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