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Hackquarters is your launchpad to become a successful company that you deserve to be. In Hackquarters you will have access to our great team, capacity and disruptive technologies. It's not only our office space that we will be sharing, but people who see far beyond today.

Join Hackquarters Family.

If you believe that you can rock the world, join Hackquarters family. Hackquarters is a right place for you if you want to make a change and build a next great thing in internet. There is no deadline, but we started to get applications for 2018.

Review to identify success factor.

If your startup fits our requirements, we will contact you as soon as possible for a personal meeting. During the review our aim is to understand and reveal the capabilities of your product and to identify the possible success at the market. During due diligence we usually screen your business plan identifying what is missed and what is required form our side.

Here we Start.

After you are accepted you will move to our house and we’ll start working together. You will benefit from our great team and mentors having on-the-job trainings on marketing, market entry, growth strategy. You get access to our partners for all your infrastructure needs. You are participating in all sectors accelerators programs and events; demo day where you can pitch our idea in front of corporate companies, angel investors, and VC’s.

Then, celebrate our great success.

Whenever you achieve one of the benchmarks, stop for a while to enjoy this feeling. We know the smell of success, and will do everything to share it with you.

The Deal

When you join the house, you'll get have many possibilities.

Marketing Budget


Legal Support



Team Taskforce

Meet Investors

Free Services

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As one of the first people who believed in your startup, we get 10% of your company

but, we know you love your startup, so we promise you can buy %5 later with initial value.

Join the house in Istanbul

We are extremely happy that you are considering being a member of our family!

Our mission is to understand and reveal the capabilities of your product and to identify the possible success at the market. After reviewing your application our team will reply to you in 7 working days.

We want to know about your:


Business Plan is a must. We want to see your vision for the product and your professional approach for the business.


Right team is everything. We say ‘yes’ if you are passionate about what you do, so, together we can grow faster.


Starting from the moment when you join Hackquarters you grow, grow, grow.

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Don't worry! If you don’t have a presentation ready, please check our example here and create yours accordingly.

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Our beloved family!

Join our family of startups

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We truly believe in Right People driven to boost innovation in everything they do.

Hackquarters Family is made of people who want to make a change and believe they can build a next great thing in internet. We boost for diversity in all we do, from team to startups.


Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of right people.

Our mentors are really awesome; and we are really happy that they give us their time and support and believe in us and our plans. These are the people who love working with young dynamic people and are highly motivated raising the next generation of startups



Creating startups of future!

Pioneers program is dedicated for highschool and university students, who desires to be founders or the team of next generation startups. In this program you’ll meet, learn and do with successful founders.

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Not just Hackquarters, but a lot of partners all around world are trying to make sure that founders get the success that they deserve. Some help with their technologies, some with their network. We adore our supporters.

If you want to help, we can find a way that you could!

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